P4-P8 Boys Wudhu and Salah Assessments

Use this calendar to book your childs Salah and Wudhu Assessment. This will take place on July 11th
Please book only ONE appointment per child, if you think you have made a mistake, please email madrasah and do not book another time.
The assessment will take place at Al-Abbas Islamic Centre.
The format will be as follows:
Please bring a carrier bag for your child to put their shoes in and keep with them through the assessment.
They will also need to bring a prayer mat and their own turbah/mohr/sajdaghah/prayer tablet(stone).
Please arrive atleast 5 minutes before your time slot. You will be required to wait outside in the designated area by the Syeda Zainab (as) Building entrance.
Your child will be called and will meet their assessor in the Syeda Zainab Lower Sports Hall.
Parents will wait outside and are expected not to socialise on the premises.
The assessment should take 10 minutes, however please be prepared for a very slight delay as removing shoes etc can add to this time.
Your child will be asked to demonstrate a wudhu (this will be done dry with no water and so they will talk their assessor through each action, they will be guided on it), thereafter they will pray a 3 rakaat salah.
Assessors will be the same gender as the students and are either teaching staff at madrasah or part of the wajibaats team. They will follow all social distancing regulations that the Al-Abbas Islamic Centre has in place.

Parents should be clear that they will attend and send their child for the assessment at our own risk and will hold responsibility to follow instructions and conduct themselves in a safe manner during our visit.
Parents should understand and agree that if anyone in their household is showing symptoms of COVID-19, or has been asked to self-isolate they will not attend the assessment and will inform the Madrasah via email at the earliest opportunity.

If you have any questions, please email Madrasah.

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