Online attendance policy.

The Madrasah does not currently provide any physical classes to it’s students due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The classes that have been provided online learning will now be covered by a PER CLASS online attendance policy.  This policy is outlined below:

What is an absence?

An absence is when a student does not attend the entirety of a singular class.  If a student is marked as late, they will not be marked as absent.

What are the two types of absence?

Authorised absence will be granted when the reason for absence is accepted as a genuine absence that meets the criteria for an authorised absence.  (These will be assessed on a case by case basis, see below)

An unauthorised absence will be marked when an explanation for the absence has not be given or the reason for the absence is deemed as unacceptable for authorisation by the Madrasah.

Attendance will be marked weekly, PER CLASS.  If a student attends one lesson, and not another, they will still be marked as absent for the missed lesson.  This is different to the usual attendance policy where students are marked as absent if they miss the whole day.  We have changed this to encourage attendance to all online lessons.

Attendance watch will be as follows:

Any student who receives 2 unauthorised absences (i.e misses 2 lessons without notifying or without an acceptable reason) will receive an email detailing the Madrasah’s concern for the childs absence to these two lessons and will be issued with formal warning.

If a child goes on to receive 5 absences (either authorised or unauthorised) the parent will be contacted by the Madrasah to discuss the matter, and will be more than likely to be removed from the Madrasah register.  In this case, the student will not be provided a refund of fees in part or in full, nor will there be any appeal.  To re-enrol, parents will need to make a fresh application for their child to be considered for an admission when the next round of admissions opens.  No guarantee will be provided for those students to acheive a place.

Some Common Reasons For Absence

Unable to logon

This will be assess on case by case basis.  The Madrasah provides online support during Madrasah hours, and email support when Madrasah is closed.  Therefore not being able to find links, click links etc will all be solvable and should not result in an absence to lessons.


We recognise that some students will suffer from illness that may prevent them from attending online classes.  Absences due to illness will be assessed on a case by case basis.  A request for a doctors note will not be unreasonable.

Holidays (including religious pilgrimage or religious trips)

Any absence from Madrasah has a wider impact than only on the absentee, and for this reason, any trips including those for religious pilgrimage (i.e ziyareh or umrah etc) will not be approved as authorised absence.

Religious Event Attendance  (including funerals, online 40th day observance “chalisma”, online family majlis etc)

Absences for attending religious events will be marked as unauthorised except in the case of a funeral which will then be assessed on a case by case basis.

Family Events (including birthdays, travelling to visit family, guests/visitors etc)

Absences for reasons such as family birthdays, students travelling to visit their family or even students being occupied with visitors will be categorised as unauthorised absence.